The pitbull dogs are loved by some and hated by others, the pitbull breed is one of the most controversial breeds today. The bad press it receives is often overshadow his qualities. Homewever the negative press and of the many urban myths that surround them, these dogs captivated, intrigued and will captivate the hearts and imaginations of thousands of people worldwide.

Friday, June 17, 2011

History of pitbull dogs

Pitbull dogs today have their origins in XIX century  Britain, but its history goes back to Roman times.

This breed descended from dogs fighting molosos, originally used for fights against bulls and bears. With the ban of these fights in England, the fans of these "sports" began to breed dogs to make them lighter fighting among themselves. There appears to be used terrier type dogs, thus greater agility without losing the fight.
The pitbull was recognized at any time by the American Kennel Club (AKC), but was later removed from their records because the institution did not want the bad press brought with it a fighting race. The people that love the dogs in Americans developed a new race from the pit bull then, the American Staffordshire Terrier.
Currently, the pitbull is recognized by some organizations, as the UnitedKennel Club and the American Dog Breeders Association, but is not recognized bythe FCI (FCI) or by the AKC. However, some entities affiliated with the FCIrecognized the breed, as is the case of the FCI Argentina.
Today the race is considered one of the dangerous breeds, but it remains one of themost popular around the world.


  1. Good blog,

    I have never shared with pets and I've never had.

    Many people say that these dogs are very aggressive and even murderers.

    Is this true? What do you think of that?

    (Sebastián Londoño Balbín)

  2. Good what that there are persons that it has another idea of the pitbull, in addition actually we should think before acqurinng a pupy and realize that a dog is an alive being who can remain to our side a lot of time in the treatment matters that hime. congratulations for your topic.

  3. hi creta
    how dangerous can it get?. no statistics or studies on their behavior?

    miryen mera

  4. I really like dogs, but my husband likes cats, so we have a dog and a cat fight and bite the furniture. in televicion I have seen in places where there are dog fights ¿know you anything about that?.
    (Sandra Patricia Pai)

  5. Good good blog.
    I had a idea wrong about of this dog, however i believe in the nobility in the animals. I love de dogs and cats, I have a Cat your name is Anubis (your: because is my "son" is other person for me ...jajajaja)

  6. Oh! I love the dogs. Pitbull aren't my favorite dog, it's the puppys, however all this is true, not fair that the pitbulls are demonizing.

    Natalia Isaza

  7. Natalia thanks for visiting my site, I like that more people to become pitbulls fans.

  8. Robinson, I have a Cat too, his name is Ophiuchus.

  9. Hi, Creta.
    Do your pets like the music?. Which?
    (Yeison Gómez)

  10. Hi Yeison, my dogs don't mind if they listen to music or not, but I had a Cat that he hated the violin.

  11. I think thah the dogs is very tender however when I see a pitbull near my scares me.
    are you believe that I am not reason?
    ahh these dogs is beautiful

    Elizabeth Arango