The pitbull dogs are loved by some and hated by others, the pitbull breed is one of the most controversial breeds today. The bad press it receives is often overshadow his qualities. Homewever the negative press and of the many urban myths that surround them, these dogs captivated, intrigued and will captivate the hearts and imaginations of thousands of people worldwide.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Cesar Millan Puppy Profiles: Junior


  1. I like your topic

    is a subject that fascinates me because I like a particular breed and wants me out of a doubt ... my favorite dog breed is the bull terry is true that it is a cross between bulldogs and pit bull (ARMANDO Severiche)

  2. you like cats?

    (juan esteban uribe)

  3. Cesar Millan is an excellent coach and domestic dogs .....
    I like it because most of their dogs are pitbull and he tries to dispel myths that create them.

    (juan esteban uribe)

  4. Juan Esteban:
    Yes, I like. I Have a cat, his name is Ophiuchus.

  5. Armando:
    Terrier is the generic name of a group of dog breeds that share a common origin but have physical characteristics so diverse that sometimes it is hard to think they are related.
    Thus, considering all breeds recognized by the FCI that have the word terrier in his name, recognizes five different types of terrier dogs:

    -Terrier Dogs Large and medium sized
    -Small-sized terrier dogs
    -Bull terrier-type dogs
    -Terrier pet dogs
    -Other dogs terrier

    Our dogs belong to Bull terrier-type dogs:
    They molosser and origin had to do with Cattle Dogs and fight. Although they look intimidating with ease, usually not good guard dogs or defense. Currently, most of these dogs are pet dogs or exposure.

    The races of this type are:
    -Bull terrier
    -Staffordshire bull terrier
    -American Staffordshire terrier
    -American pit bull terrier (not recognized by FCI).


  6. interesting topic
    few years is the average life has a pitbull?
    we recommend a pitbull for a five year old girl?
    (Dora Aristizabal)

  7. are very nice dogs, I have 1 but is very small.
    I see the program of this man but my dog ​​does not work for these techniques.(victoria salazar)